K6502D – 24″ Dishwasher


Kucht 24″ Top Control Dishwasher in Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Tub and Multiple Filter System

Enjoy cooking and doing the dishes with this quiet, powerful and sleek Kucht dishwasher. This innovative model accommodates greater capacity and comes with a multiple filter system that ensures its quiet operation (46dBA) in open spaces. Cleaning performance and versatility are other attributes of the Kucht dishwasher, with its three spray arms and smart wash system, as well as its adjustable racks and third cutlery rack. Cook more than you clean, own a Kucht dishwasher.


Product Description

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24″ Dishwasher Features

  • Silent performance at 46dBA allow you to run it day or night, even when you entertain
  • Thanks to its Smart Wash System, it can determine the type of cycle required to clean the dishes and it will clean more efficiently every time
  • The Multiple Filter System helps for a better performance allowing the dishwasher to operate with less water and less energy
  • Premium cleaning performance assured by three spray arms (upper, middle and lower) and an extra vortex arm for washing heavy soiled pots and pans
  • Stainless steel exterior and fully integrated console with concealed electronic touch controls that are located on top of the dishwasher LED display for a sleeker appearance
  • Stainless steel tub that resist corrosion and gives premium look helps to deliver outstanding drying performance
  • Large capacity that can hold 14 place-setting due to adjustable upper rack height, stemware holders, fold down-tines in the bottom rack and a third layer cutlery basket
  • Your dishes are ready to use the minute you open your dishwasher thanks to the Dual Fan System (heating drying + fan drying) that creates a sustained fresh and dry air flow to dry the dishes
  • Cycle progress indicator, in the form of three lights located on the right side of the front of the dishwasher, will indicate the current wash cycle while the dishwasher is running
  • 2 years for parts and labor warranty
Product size: 23.8” W*25.2” D*33.8”H

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    I’ve had this new dishwasher for nearly two months now and am very pleased. We run one or two loads a day as we cook a lot and seem to use as many glasses as a restaurant. It’s great that it has the option for a short cycle when I just need to get the glasses and stuff cleaned off the counter. My old dishwasher always left everything pretty wet at the end of the cycle and this dishwasher doesn’t. I particularly like the upper tray that is great for utensils and flatware especially when I need more room for big pots and bowls so I can use it instead of the silverware basket. I’m a fan of America’s Test Kitchen recipes and if you’ve ever followed any of those you know they dirty almost every dish in the house but are so worth it so a good, quick dishwasher is a must. The only downside to the upper tray is that sometimes I forget about it and go crazy looking for my favorite spatula when I can’t find it. It’s so much quieter than my old dishwasher so I’m glad it has the cycle indicator light on the door. It’s subtle but keeps me from accidentally opening it while it’s still running because it is super quiet. We don’t really have a need for the delay start feature but we’ve played with it and it’s easy to set up and ran over night. Having it delivered was a bit of an effort but that’s because we live very remotely and having anything delivered here is quite an effort.

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