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4-Year Warranty for Parts and Labor*

The main objective of KUCHT is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. For this reason, all our products are subjected to rigorous security and quality controls to be above the North American safety standards.

KUCHT Warranty covers defects in Parts and Labor for functional parts that are the result of normal usage for a period of time of 4 Years for Parts and Labor* from date of purchase. Functional parts are those components parts that are critical to the performance of the product’s essential function. Nonfunctional parts are those that are not critical like knobs, handles, or cosmetic parts. KUCHT will repair or replace the unit or any parts, therefore, as required, subject to these terms and conditions.

Unlimited lifetime online support

In addition, we give full unlimited lifetime support. This means that if our customers come across any problem after the warranty has expired, a qualified Kucht member will assist you or your trusted technician using video chat in any repair process. You will also have access to repair videos, tutorials, manuals, and any extra help that is available.

General Conditions:

a. Warranty does not cover failure as a result of misuse, abuse, rust or corrosion, spilled liquids or foreign objects found inside the unit; repair of damage caused by accident, theft, fire, flood, external causes such as, but not limited to, blow fuses, inadequate electrical power, water and gas lines beyond the equipment, or any use of the product not authorized by the manufacturer.
b. The maximum liability of the warranty for product replacement or repair shall not exceed the original purchase price of the product.
c. KUCHT reserves the right to repair or replace the covered product with a comparable feature model of like kind.
d. Warranty does not cover deterioration of the appearance of the product, any cosmetic part such as paint, porcelain, glass, dents, scratches, chips, rust or peeling.
e. Any damage resulting from unauthorized replacement parts, improper service, or modifications made to the covered product are not covered.
f. KUCHT is released from all liability due to indirect, consequential, or incidental damages.
g. This warranty does not cover any damage to the product due to lightning, over-voltage, under-voltage, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, or any damage caused by the use of the product by the purchaser or others. This warranty does not cover non-EWP products that have been exposed to wet or corrosive environments. This warranty does not cover stainless steel surfaces that have not been properly maintained.
h. Kucht Products are certified for use according to U.S. and Canada standards. The warranty coverage is limited to U.S. and Canada only. Kucht will not provide technical service or support in other countries. Replacement parts will only be shipped to continental U.S. and Canada addresses.

Limit of Liability:

Our Liability is limited to the original price of the covered equipment. Additional losses, damages, or injuries caused by product malfunction or defects will not be covered.

To Arrange for Service:

Prior approval from Customer Service is required to start the service. To initiate a service claim please Submit a Ticket or contact KUCHT for assistance on how to initiate a service claim. Please have your original bill of sale and Serial Number of the unit available so our customer service representative is able to quickly arrange for service.

(*): Valid for every appliance bought after September 1st, 2020 in the U.S. – Not valid for accessories, parts, wine coolers, and outdoor kitchen appliances (Pizza Ovens & Cart). All the appliances acquired before September 1st, 2020, and Wine Coolers, outdoor kitchen appliances (Pizza Ovens & Cart), and products sold or located in Canada are covered with a 2-year warranty for parts and labor.

Warranty Exclusions

The Kucht LLC Limited Warranty covers residential installations only and is non-transferable to any other party.
Warranty is void when the product is installed in common areas where more than a single party has rightful access to its use or in locations considered beyond normal residential use.
Warranty does not apply to products installed or used in any commercial or non-residential application. Examples of excluded applications include, but are not limited to daycare centers, schools, bed and breakfast centers, churches, private clubs, fire stations, club houses, common areas in multi-family dwellings, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, nursing homes, food service locations and institutional food service locations or any similar institutional or commercial activity.

About Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional Use

Our products are specifically certified for residential use due to the unique challenges posed by commercial settings. The rigorous demands of commercial activities, particularly in ovens and gas ranges, subject the components to accelerated material fatigue, primarily driven by intense heat. The continuous and rapid cooking cycles in commercial environments impede proper cooling of the internals, leading to expedited wear of the unit.

While our units may share similarities or even surpass components found in commercial counterparts, they are designed and optimized for residential environments with distinct heat dissipation characteristics. Commercial kitchens are notably hot because a significant portion of the heat is transferred to the unit surface and the surrounding space. This is a feature we intentionally avoid for home use to ensure the safety and comfort of your family.

It’s important to note that commercial equipment typically requires routine inspections and servicing for optimal performance and safety. Therefore, for commercial applications, we strongly recommend using products that are explicitly certified for such purposes. Using Kucht products in commercial, industrial, or institutional settings will result in the immediate voiding of the warranty, releasing Kucht from any responsibility for the outcomes. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we encourage adherence to recommended usage guidelines.

Return Policy

Kucht will accept return requests for purchases within the first 60 days after delivery. Shipping discrepancies or products that arrive damaged must be reported to Kucht Customer Support within 5 business days of delivery in order to be eligible for a full refund.

Once a return request is approved, Kucht will send a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). From this time, the customer will have 15 calendar days to return the item to Kucht.

All merchandise returned to Kucht must be in original packaging with all original items (e.g., manuals, remotes, cables, etc.) that came in the box. Returns with missing or damaged items will result in a partial refund.

Products and or Part(s) must be returned in new condition, including: all components, manuals, registration cards, and original undamaged packaging.

After we receive and inspect the item(s), the refund will be processed, minus the original shipping cost.

Kucht won´t refund the original shipping cost in any case. The return shipping cost might be covered by Kucht depending on the situation, in which case, Kucht will send a Bill Of Lading and handle the shipping arrangements. There will not be refunds or compensations related to the shipping and handling of the products under any circumstances.

Returns without an RMA number will not be accepted and a credit will not be issued.

Additional shipping charges apply with shipments outside the 48 contiguous United States, expedited shipping and oversized items. These additional shipping charges, such as taxes, custom duties and fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

For more detailed information about our Return Policy, please visit the following link: