Headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey Kucht is making itself known far and wide in the world of professional class ranges and kitchen appliances.

Each Kucht range and appliance we produce is made with three things in mind:

  • Functionality – everything we offer must work as promised…
  • Quality – each piece must be built to last, and last, and last…
  • Design – Your new appliance simply has to look great!

Of course, making our products affordable is also one huge attraction to our many satisfied customers!

Made for the Avid Home Cook

We focus on satisfying the demands of those who want a professional style kitchen in the comfort of their own home.

Our appliances are made to be used. We don’t have fancy electronic or computer driven displays or controls. Yes, these things look pretty, but they almost never do what the home chef wants – to help turn out the most delicious recipes possible.

We spend our time and energy making sure our products transform average meals into culinary creations. When you cook with a Kucht, we’ll help unleash the inner chef budding inside you!

Heavy Duty Style

Take our cooking ranges for instance. Each is made from heavy-duty materials – heavy stainless steel, cast iron cooking grates and porcelain tops. The high BTU burners are top of the line, delivering instant heat – from a slow simmer to a quick rolling boil.

The oven is all porcelain coated, incorporating an internal convection fan assuring every corner receives steady, even and constant heat. Thanks to this system, Kucht ranges and ovens require less baking time for foods, even allowing the home chef to work at lower temperatures than it would normally take in a conventional oven.

From the moment you open the oven door you’ll practically feel the careful workmanship and attention to detail in every range and oven in our line.

Simple…Yet Elegant!

Kucht brings back the joy of cooking to your home. Our professional-style appliances will transform your average kitchen into a restaurant–quality showcase gallery.

Simply stated, we offer the art of affordable, professional class cooking for those who love to cook – whether it be for family, friends or entertaining.

Chef Sebastian Ruiz 

The benefit of KUCHT convection ovens lies in the fact they create a uniform temperature within itself. They do not distribute the temperature in a random way, but their internal fans get the temperature the same in every corner of the oven.”

Ready to re-create your kitchen? Just click on the appliance you’re interested in, and let us show you the Kucht difference!

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