Q: What is the warranty for the products?

All KUCHT products carry 4 years warranty for labor in the U.S.  (2 years in Canada). You can read more about our warranty and how to initiate a service claim in the unlikely event of a malfunction on our website under Warranty.

Q: Are parts available?

Yes, indeed! Parts are available for all our products. You can call customer service and ask for any part at (866) 685-8248

Q: Can the range be converted to LP gas (Propane Gas)?

Yes, all our ranges can be converted to LP (Propane) gas and we have the conversion LP kit available for all our models.

Q: Where are these ranges from?

Our products are made with the finest sourced parts from all over the world. Italy, Spain, Germany, the USA, China are just some of the wide and varied vendors we use in choosing the parts for our ranges and appliances.

Q: What are the standards for quality and security for your products?

All our models are CSA approved, meaning our products are all well within Canadian and USA standards. For example, all our ranges and hoods are submitted to Quality Controls when they leave their manufacturing facility and yet another Quality Control on arrival in our facility in Paterson NJ. Dual Quality Control for all our products enables us to make sure you’ll be receiving the very best KUCHT has to offer!

Q: What does Electronic Ignition with Auto Re-ignition mean?

It is a safety feature used to start the sparking device again if the flame goes out while the burner is still supplying gas. Wind gusts, vibration, gas line flow interruptions are all common causes for the temporary flame interruption.

Q: I see many of your competitors are using computer-driven displays and electronics in their ovens and ranges. Why don’t I see these on your models?

Simple – they do nothing to help you cook and create delicious foods. They sometimes don’t give accurate readings, and they lock the user into a false sense of security. Plus, electronics and high heat don’t mix well. When the electronics stop working, you are basically left with a very expensive cooking dud on your hands. Fixing any problems is both costly and time-consuming as well.

Kucht ranges are made for cooking – not science fairs. If you look at any of the ranges professional chefs use in their kitchens, you almost never find electronic-driven models. That isn’t by accident!

Q: Are Kucht ranges, ovens, and appliances easy to use?

Yes, indeed! We design our products for the avid home chef – people who love to cook. They don’t want fancy gadgets – they want appliances that do the job, and do it well. In this respect, Kucht delivers!

Q:  Does simple design also mean no-frills when it comes to looks?

Just the contrary! We designed our ranges and appliances to be both functional and fashionable. Our ranges all come with porcelain-coated ovens, as well as tops. Heavy-duty stainless steel, thick iron cooking grates… everything you expect in an upper-end appliance you’ll find in a Kucht. The moment you open your Kucht oven door you’ll instantly recognize the care we put into each and every detail on our ranges.

Q: I see that your prices are remarkably lower than the other name brands – how can you offer such competitive prices?

Great question! One reason is what we mentioned above – we use worldwide sourcing, and always strive to get the finest quality parts at the most reasonable prices. Now, this doesn’t mean we look only at price. We first and foremost want the parts and materials we use to be the best in class. We then look for suppliers who can produce such quality pieces at reasonable and fair prices.

Another reason is that we’re not charging you extra for a designer name. Just because an appliance has a particular corporate brand shouldn’t mean you must pay for their “vanity” trademark. We price our appliances to be competitive, not exorbitant.

Q: Why haven’t I heard of the Kucht name before?

Because we’re the relatively new kids on the block! We first opened for business in 2007. Since then, we’ve used our resources in building the finest professional-grade appliances we possibly could. Frankly, that did affect the funds available for marketing purposes. However, now that our line of products is ready, we fully intend to make Kucht the name of choice for the upper-scale home kitchen!

Q: Does Kucht offer different models?

Yes, we do. For example, we currently offer different models of kitchen ranges, made to suit the discriminating needs and tastes of even the most advanced and demanding home chef.

Q: Bottom Line – why should I purchase a Kucht?

A fair question! In a nutshell, here’s why:

  • Functionality – everything we offer will work as promised!
  • Quality – each piece we build will last, and last, and last!
  • Design – Your new appliance will simply look (and feel) great!
  • Affordability – For a price not far above standard kitchen appliances, you can now own a professional-class model that will give you years upon years of cooking enjoyment!