Our smaller pro-style gas range

Introducing our 24” professional-class gas range, a proud member of the KFXX SERIES. This compact powerhouse fits seamlessly into most standard kitchens and tiny houses while delivering exceptional performance. Featuring our exclusive True Simmer™ Burner, it enhances precise cooking with a low flame, perfect for delicate dishes. The True Simmer™ Burner is ideal for warming soups and melting chocolate, offering versatility for a range of culinary needs. A fantastic choice for culinary enthusiasts, our 24” range lets you cook like a pro, even in a small kitchen.


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4 Burners

  • 2x 9,000 BTU Burner Single Flame
  • 1x 15,000 BTU Rocket Power™ Burner,
  • 1x 15.00 BTU Dual-Flame Burner with True Simmer™


  • 14,000 BTU Bottom Tube Burner
  • 2.5 Cu.Ft. Oven



Design Features

  • Black Porcelain Drip Pan And Oven Interior
  • Extra Large Oven Window
  • 2  Nickel Platted Oven Racks
  • Heavy Duty Cast-Iron Cooking Grates
  • Manual Oven Control
  • Full Stainless Steel Side Panels
  • Professional Handle
  • High-Quality Control Knobs
  • Fully Adjustable Heavy-Duty Legs


Overall Height: 36″
Overall Width: 24″
Overall Depth: 27.75″

Electrical Requirements


Depending on the model series you can get 2 types of broiler:

An open flame broiler uses a direct flame, usually powered by gas, to generate intense heat. This method heats up quickly and provides immediate, intense heat, perfect for grilling meats and vegetables. The direct flame can impart a slightly charred, smoky flavor to the food, which many people find desirable. However, if not cleaned properly, it could produce soot inside the oven.

An infrared broiler uses infrared radiation to generate heat, either from an electric or gas-powered infrared element. This method radiates heat evenly towards the food, resulting in consistent cooking without hot spots. Infrared broilers are often more energy-efficient because they direct more heat towards the food rather than losing it to the surrounding air. This type of broiler is generally considered safer and easier to clean.

TrueSimmer™ – is a unique burner type, capable of reaching such low heat levels that we have added a light to the knobs to remind you it’s on.
This gentle cooking method ensures your dishes turn out perfectly and is great for simmering stocks, soups, stews, or melting chocolate.

While many burners offer a simmering option, TrueSimmer™ takes it to the next level, ensuring unparalleled control over the desired heat for perfect results every time.

Sealed burners are a superior choice for pro-style stoves, offering several advantages over open burners. They are designed to prevent spills and drips from reaching the internal components of the stove, making cleaning and maintenance much easier. This design enhances safety by reducing the risk of flare-ups and ensures consistent, even heat distribution for precise cooking. Additionally, sealed burners contribute to a sleek, professional appearance while providing a reliable and efficient cooking experience. Embrace the benefits of sealed burners for a cleaner, safer, and more stylish kitchen.